About us

The association Platform Formalities Officers was founded on April 3, 2009. Our members, currently more than 200, are administrative professionals working in the field of Intellectual Property.

What is important for our target group and what is the focus of our efforts?

1. Broadening and promoting professional knowledge regarding all aspects of Intellectual Property law. We do this by organising seminars, workshops and conferences. In addition, we organise the examination of the Formalities Officers training programme.

2. Exchanging knowledge and experience at national and international level.

3. Promoting the interests of our target group with national and international organisations.

Since its foundation, the association has taken a number of big steps forward in the field of education and broadening professional knowledge. Annually, we organise one or two master classes, which have been offered free of charge so far, and on January 25, 2011 the first module of the certified Formalities Officers training programme was started. Training is not focused on patents alone, but also sheds light on designs and trademarks. On May 31, 2011 the first exams will be taken.

We expect that in the future the need for professional administrative support in the field of Intellectual Property will only increase. Education is therefore an important pillar, but our attention is also directed to exchange of knowledge and experience with other national and international IP organisations. By now, we have contacts with sister organisations in the United Kingdom, Norway and Denmark.

In a period of two years, a great deal has been accomplished and we will continue to focus our attention on what is important for our target group. In short, we are a young association with a mission to promote and assure the professional level of Formalities Officers. Join us and become a member for just € 85 a year.