The association Platform Formalities Officers  was founded on 3 April 2009. 

Its members are administrative professionals working in the field of Intellectual Property. The members of the Platform work in the world of patents and trademarks, but also in the area of domain and design administration. 

The most important pillar of the Platform is education. The Platform is committed to broadening and furthering the professional knowledge of the members and within that framework organises a workshop or conference three times a year. Next to this, the Platform also organises the official examination for Certified Formalities Officer. This exam is held once a year, in May.

Another important aspect the Platform is committed to is networking. This is about exchanging knowledge and experience on a national and international level. In addition, the Platform seeks to be discussion partner for the various authorities such as the Netherlands Institute of Patent Attorneys, the European Patent Office, and the Dutch patent office (Octrooicentrum Nederland). The Platform also has contacts with sister organisations operating in the United Kingdom, Denmark and Norway. 

We expect that in the future the need for well-trained professional administrative support in the field of Intellectual Property will increase. That’s why education is, and continues to be, an important pillar for the Platform. We believe that this is also the most important reason why membership of the Platform has added value, not only for the members themselves, but also for their employers.