Dolinda de Proost


Dolinda de Proost has worked at AOMB IP Consultants since 1990. In her role as Manager IP Support she is responsible for all Paralegals, Formalities Officers and secretaries employed at AOMB.

Jean Abspoel


Jean Abspoel has been working at Shell International B.V. since 1986. He started in 1986 as patent assests administrator on the patent department and was responsible for various administrative procedures. In 1992, he started working as a Formalities Officer. Since January 2015 he is Head of Formalities and responsible for a team of formalities officers in The Hague, London and Houston.

Melanie Custers


Melanie Custers started in 1991 as a secretary at MOGEN International (subsequently part of Zeneca). Together with a patent attorney she started the patent department and became familiar with IP. After the closure of MOGEN in 2002 she started as a Senior Formalities Officer IP at Janssen (formerly Crucell, since 2011 part of Johnson & Johnson). In her day-to-day work she is responsible for all formalities and administrative processes of the patent department of Janssen in Leiden. As a member of the Platform Formalities Officers board she is responsible for the secretarial department and the newsletter (communication committee).

Arthur van Steenbergen


Arthur van Steenbergen has worked within IP since 1992. He started in the administration department at V.O. and became familiar with all aspects of IP. Since 2008 he has been Manager Operations within Unilever Patent Group. He is responsible for Support and the administrative processes on the sites of Vlaardingen, Shanghai, Mumbai and Bangalore.

Ellen Offenberg

Board member

Ellen Offenberg has worked at EP&C since 1999. She started out as a secretary to a patent attorney and since 2006, as a management assistant, she has been part of the management team van EP&C. In this role she is concerned with the uniform, administrative and IP-substantive work processes within EP&C. As a member of the Platform Formalities Officers board, she is responsible for inter alia the website and the newsletter (communication committee).

Friso Onderdelinden

Board member

Friso Onderdelinden has been working at NLO as a trademark attorney since 2007. Since 2019 he is co-responsible for business development and relationship management and supports the renewals and recordals department. As a member of the Platform Formalities board, he will be responsible for the trademark part.

Richard Loef

Board member

Richard Loef has been working at V.O. Patents & Trademarks since 2013. He is responsible for the teams within V.O. who deal with all administrative processes in the field of International, European and Dutch patent applications. His focus is also on improving and automating existing processes, as well as implementing completely new processes for higher efficiency and quality.